About Corky Laing

About Under The Rock with Corky Laing

Finally—a radio series that tears down the barriers to bring your listeners the true stories behind the stories of rock’n roll. Corky Laing was there. And he knows what really happened!

As the drummer for Mountain, Laurence “Corky” Laing has rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest musicians and personalities of our time.

He played with Eric Clapton and Meatloaf…toured with Deep Purple…partied with Keith Moon and Jimi Hendrix…hung out with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards…sang backup vocals for John Lennon…and co-wrote one of rock’s signature songs, “Mississippi Queen”.

Under The Rock with Corky Laing is an honest, first person account of a rock musician’s adventures on the road, in the studio, and backstage.

Sure, there are other radio series’ that chronicle the “official,” glossed over versions of events in rock history.

Under The Rock is about what really happened– rock’n roll in all its glory– and with all the warts and blemishes. Discover the truth that occurred beyond the lights, hidden from cameras and tape recorders, as Corky and his very special guests take you…Under The Rock.