Under the Rock

Corky Laing has lived a full life. Starting with his first professional drum gig at 13 with the Inkspots, he gigged his way into the pinnacle of rock including 2 gold records associated with Woodstock. He calls many of yesterday and today’s legends friends, and has lots of stories. The time he pretended to be a reporter at the Bed in for Peace with John and Yoko, the true story of the crazy lyrics behind Strange Brew and many many more.

For lovers of classic rock and the legends who created it, this is a must listen.

Episode List

1.John Lennon  2.Ginger Baker 3.Ink Spots 4.Kiss 5.Bruce Springsteen 6.Peter Frampton 7.Deep Purple  8.Alice Cooper  9.Beastie Boys 10.Blue Oyster Cult 10.Keith Moon  

About Corky

Learn about his connection to Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon and many more. 

Scruff Connors Crazy Calls

We can’t even begin to summarize all the crazy stunts the legendary Scruff Connors pulled throughout his career. But we can tell you one of his favourite features was the daily “Crazy Call”. 

When you need a laugh injection, this feature is guaranteed to tickle the funny bone.

Episode List

1.Traffic Tickets

2.Hearing Aid

3.Car Repair

4.Credit Card – Part 1

5. Vegetable of the day

6. Credit Card – Part 2

7. Fine China

8. Gargle

9. Bra Shopping for Xmas

10. Newfie Games – Part 1

11. Mush Mouth

12. Newfie Games – Part 2

13. Denny’s Phone Repair

14. Space Watch – Part 1

15. Space Watch – Part 2

16. Pete Cemetary