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Under the Rock

Behind the scenes stories from the legendary Corky Laing of Mountain. His cowbell classic Mississippi Queen made the band iconic. And Corky’s many brushes with rock’s royalty are all told as only Corky can tell them.



Scruff Connors Crazy Calls

To say Scruff was a radio legend would be an understatement.  For many he invented morning radio in Canada and the US and his prank calls are still legendary to this day.

About Dave Barker

Dave Barker is an  actor/writer and producer.

He began his career as an actor, but found writing and producing to be equally fullfilling.  Dave won numerous national writing/producing awards throughout his 17 year career as creative director at Canada’s Q107 radio. 

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What People are saying ...

Scruff Crazy Calls  “Most of us in radio would come up with an idea and then toss it for reasons of impracticality or just plain fear. Scruff would actually do it. “

John Derringer – Mornings Q107 Toronto 

Under the Rock   “Just when I thought it was safe to listen to the radio…I find out that Corky Laing of Mountain has his own segment.  The 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s were a wild ride, and Corky has all the stories.  So, welcome to my nightmare

Alice Cooper